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Ministerial and Business visionary born Feb 28, 1961 in St. Louis Mo. to James and Bessie Smith, the younger of 2 boys out of 13 children, his parents moved the family to West Memphis Arkansas to avoid the hard inner city of St. Louis which was stricken with crime. In this move, an accident occurred which left Dr. Larry Smith practically dead, later revived at an Arkansas hospital only a few weeks old. Having much exposure to the cotton fields and livestock raising of the south, he learned business principals from his parents in this rough environment. Integrity, hard work, self reliance and a “can do” attitude branded in him by his parents, trusted him to go against the odds and start a business Faith Centered Construction Co. Inc. in which he is a licensed General Contractor in Tennessee and Mississippi of over 20 years. He was also the owner of Kingsway trucking which he recently closed due to ministry time requirements.

Dr. Smith is the loving husband of Pastor Renee Smith, Asst. pastor and father of 7 children. Also, he graduated from West Memphis Senior High School and attended Big Bend Community College, Germany Bible Berian College as well as Association Christian Theological Seminary based in Memphis, TN, where he maintained the Deans Honors List and received Presidential Award. Moreover, he served the United States Army for 4 years and toured Germany 3 of those years. He attended drill corporal & air assault school and received an honorable discharge.

Dr. Larry Smith completed pilgrimage to Jerusalem 1988 and served as missionary in Belize 1997 & 1998. In Belize, he contributed to repairing of missionary home, repair churches and ministered to all surrounding churches.

In addition to conducting prayer conferences, establishing prayer ministry in local churches, conducting special conferences for women: "Last Man" and men: "A Man's World". He speaks in conferences for men, administers on-going economical empowerment sessions and builds churches for other called ministries.

In 1998, Dr. Smith had a visitation from the Lord. And in this visitation was where it was revealed that he was to minister to thousands of hurt sheep. Following the vision, he founded Abundant Faith World Ministries in 1999. In 2000, 4 acres of land was purchased and erected a 12,000 sq ft multi-purpose building in 2001. In 2009, Pastor Smith built a approximately 10,000 square foot state of the art sanctuary, named the Net. EOFCC has several outreach ministries to the community as well as the School of Ministry,

In addition, Dr. Smith was consecrated as Archbishop of the sacred counsel of International New Formation of Religious ministries 2002 and served a brief term. He presently serves as regional director of FCMI, Dr. Phillip Goudeaux President.

He has authored three books A Guide to Prayer and Fasting, The seven ministries of the Holy Spirit in the believer and How to get what's already yours in abundance a guide to releasing the power of faith and confessions. His mission is to build people to build the church. to transform the average Christian to a exceptional Christian through empowering them with the word of God.

Dr. Larry Smith
 Dr. Larry Smith